Social Security Disability / SSI

The Social Security Administration administers retirement and disability benefits. SSD or social security disability provides money to people who worked for five out of the last ten years and can’t work due to illness or injury. SSI or supplemental security income is for people who do not necessarily have a work history.

Some of the disabling conditions that will qualify you for benefits are:

Psychiatric Problems, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer, AIDS, Arthritis, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis and other Medical Conditions.


No Fee Unless You Get Benefits

If your initial application for benefits is denied, we will handle all aspects of the hearing process. The requirements for proving your claim are complex but we have the experience you need to be successful in obtaining the benefits you deserve. If you are unable to work, call Falk & Falk Attorneys. Of course, costs are always your responsibility, but there is no fee unless we get you benefits!

You may even qualify for a closed period (that is, a lump sum benefit for a past period of lost time having a start and end date) of Social Security Disability benefits if your condition has improved sufficiently for you to return to work after you have been off for at least one year.

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